New Age Problems faced by Graphic Designers

As fun and interesting as it might sound, the job of a website designer has its own set of difficulties. Being a highly creative professional that relies on aesthetics as much as accessibility, there are always…

July 31, 2015

What is Above the Fold Placement ?

This is a website design term which is derived from the legacy of printed newspaper days. ‘Above the fold‘ describes the part of a web page that the visitor can see without scrolling down, and is…

July 29, 2015
Using Social Media to Impact Social Causes

Using Social Media to Impact Social Causes

By now everybody is aware of the impact of social media. Social media has the power of producing a multiplier effect if used in the right direction. Whether it is business, education,  politics or social welfare, social media…

July 23, 2015

What is Societal Marketing ?

This term was coined in 1972 but wasn’t used much up until recently​. It is a midway between doing business and giving back to the society. These campaigns focus not only on customer satisfaction but also…

July 21, 2015

Baahubali’s Collections Confuse the Khans !

With Telugu Movie ‘Baahubali‘ smashing all records and Indian Cinema Industry being left perplexed, we felt this was appropriate.

July 17, 2015

Importance of Evolution Strategy in the Digital Age

The theory of evolution by Charles Darwin holds true in all aspects, everything goes through change and in order to cope with this change, one needs to adjust or modify one self. A continuous change leads…

July 16, 2015

What is Brand Loyalty?

Why are some consumers loyal to one brand of a particular product? It is mostly that brand’s perception in the market. A consumer perceives it as being a better product among the choices available. Brand loyalty…

July 14, 2015

5 Daily Activities that Boost your Creativity

You are truly lucky if you have explored your creative side. Many people are not able to acknowledge the creativity they have in themselves. However, it is very important to discover your creative side, so that…

July 8, 2015
What exactly is Creative Strategy

What exactly is Creative Strategy ?

Creative Strategy is a vague idea of what message is to be conveyed, to whom, and in what tone. It is this strategy that provides the path for copywriters and art directors to develop the final advertisement. A creative strategy statement is usually…

July 3, 2015
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