How to capitalize on Negative Space in Photography

White Space in Photography, more popular as Negative Space, is a concept that has been used in Art & Sculptures for many years now. As Per Contemporary definition, Negative Space is the region that surrounds the main subject (or…

October 31, 2015

Guide to Making Great Short Animated Films

Animation is now a days the talk of the town. It helps bring about that synergy effect as it’s got some mind boggling features that keep the viewer engaged and engrossed. With so many features, if…

October 24, 2015

How to Capitalise on Social Media for Product Launch

Launching your Product effectively is so much easier, thanks to Social Media! Different Social Media Channels cater to different industries. So how can you get the most of your Launch campaign through different channels? Facebook: Caters to…

October 21, 2015
Is Flat Design an Element of Futuristic UI

Is Flat Design an Element of Futuristic UI?

No, it in no way means your design is boring. But this is a great instance of going back to our Digital Roots, if we may!    Flat Design is a Web Interface that is making…

October 15, 2015
WSC_Chipnote Prosumers


A Prosumer, short for Professional Consumer, is a more educated and aware consumer that may require more advanced features than standard consumers. But with the advent of Social Media, Prosumers now are “product and brand advocates.” Rather than…

October 7, 2015
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