What does Contrast really do

What does Contrast really do?

Literally meaning “difference”, contrast in photography essentially means difference between light and dark tones. Divided into two types, tonal contrast and colour contrast, mastering this technique highly depends on you adjusting to the world and seeing…

February 27, 2017
7 Google AdWord Mistakes to avoid!

7 Google AdWord Mistakes to avoid!

Google AdWords seem to be very tempting, as it not only acts as a regular stream of income but also enhances the performance of your business. However, several businesses are not able to extract complete ROI…

February 25, 2017
Blog on Facial Animation

Learn the basics of Facial Animation

Animation plays a very important role in multimedia especially in production of videos which involve actors. Imagine watching a movie where the actors are expression less, they look exactly the same while doing a comedy scene…

February 21, 2017
Why aren't your Facebook Ads working

Why aren’t your Facebook Ads working?

There are several marketing strategies to sell your product or to increase traffic on your page. One of the most used & proved ways is to publish digital advertisements and target people to click on your…

February 7, 2017
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