Social Media Marketing New Trends in 2015

Social Media Marketing Trends in 2015

Social Media Marketing saw a boom in 2014, and the rise in internet users just doesn’t seem to slow down. With this growth we have been using online sources for marketing and it has proved to be very…

January 3, 2015
Technologies we bid Goodbye in the Year 2014

Technologies we bid Goodbye in the Year 2014

Technology has continued to surprise us over the years. As we embrace it by making optimum use of it, we also left behind some of the tech products as the new ones took over.Here are few we of them that…

December 26, 2014


What do you mean by personal brand? Personal brand means your image in front of the society. It projects what people think of you when they see you as a CEO of a start-up organisation or someone…

December 13, 2014
How to make a Website Responsive and Professional


In today’s world ίt’s all about first impressions. The phrase “First impressίon ίs the Last impression” is always true. When it comes to a website any user ίn the world sitting on hίs/her laptop vίsίts your website…

December 11, 2014
Maximize Your ROI with a Good Social Media Campaign

Maximize Your ROI with a Good Social Media Campaign

If you dint know that your business can make money from social media, you have been missing out on something really big! It’s time for you understand a concept that will not only advertise your business but will also maximize…

December 5, 2014
Pin it to get your sales soaring

“Pin It” to Get Your Sales Soaring

Fact: Did you know that out of the millions of accounts on Pinterest, over 500, 000+ are business accounts! Although Pinterest is a relatively new kid on the social media block, it has successfully made its way to the…

December 3, 2014
Product Photography for E commerce Websites

Secrets Behind Product Photography

What is photography? Why do people need a professional photographer, when we all have our phones with high megapixel cameras? The answer is simple, photography is an art, and it cannot be captured with just a camera. There…

November 29, 2014
How Corporate Films strengthen Brand Image

How Corporate films strengthen the Brand Image

It is said that “Seeing is more of believing” and that’s the reason why video leaves lasting impression on humans than any printed words or still pictures. By mere definition of it, corporate films are films or video…

November 13, 2014

How important is blogging today?

Blogging, commonly known as online journal, which started in late 1990’s has come a long way from its humble beginning of expressing thoughts to being more informative tool used by companies, businesses and professional to make…

October 16, 2014

Social media mistakes you should avoid

Doing social media for your business is one thing and doing it right is another. Most businesses fall for these simple avoidable mistakes which can make a world of difference to their social media campaign. Have…

September 23, 2014

Google Places or Facebook Pages

Google Places or Facebook Pages : What suits my business best?  If you are a business owner trying to figure out how can the internet help you drive sales and marketing then probably you are spoilt…

September 19, 2014

How Facebook calculates news feed?

How Facebook Calculates What Appears In Your News Feed / The ultimate intelligence : Facebook News Feed Ever wondered how does Facebook decide which content should appear in your News Feed. Ever wondered how does facebook somehow…

September 10, 2014