#Animation101 What Is a Keyframe

What Is a Keyframe?

Animation requires showing the changing states of an object. Key frame in animation refers to the beginning and end point for the transition of an object. Simply put, the beginning key frame is where the object…

November 12, 2016
Role of an Informative Animated Character

Role of an Informative Animated Character

Animation is the new thing! Short explainer clips are being used by all up and coming businesses to increase their outreach and penetrate into new markets.  But even if you don’t have the time or resources…

November 28, 2015

Vector Images vs Raster Images

All Images existing on the faces of earth have only 2 basic unit cells: Pixels or Dots.  Vector Images have their Key element as Dots, hence they offer Infinite zoom without Blur. These can be re-sized without compromising quality and are…

September 8, 2015