Buy, Sell, & Dicover with Your Local Community! Facebook introduces 'Marketplace'!

Buy, Sell, & Dicover with Your Local Community! Facebook introduces ‘Marketplace’!

Giving direct competition to online selling ​places connecting buyers directly with sellers, Facebook is set to introduce a similar vertical named ‘Marketplace’! Facebook Marketplace showcases photos of items that people near you have listed for sale,…

October 5, 2016
With Spectacle launch, Snapchat is now Snap Inc!

With Spectacle launch, Snapchat is now Snap Inc!

The video sharing company has re-branded itself because now it is much more than just a social app! Snap is now treading into a new category- smart sunglasses named Spectacles. The Snapchat Spectacles record 10-second long…

September 28, 2016
Instagram introduces Drafts section

Click, Edit, Save! Instagram introduces Drafts section!

After testing it out rigorously last month, Instagram has finally opened up this feature for everyone! Insta drafts allow you to save your work mid-posting so that you can re-open for edits and other improvisations at…

September 21, 2016
Say more with twitter!

Say more with twitter!

A news that will definitely cheer up our twitterati! Now your valuable characters will be saved with the following not being considered in the characters: Replies Media attachments Retweet and Quote Tweet yourself No more .@…

September 14, 2016
Twitter update | Say NO to spammy tweets!

Twitter update | Say NO to spammy tweets!

Two very simple yet important updates were silently slipped in by Twitter last week which are set to impact overall personal tweeting experience. Managing notifications is now easier with the access given in the main tab….

August 25, 2016
Facebook Page Layout Redesigned and We love it!

Facebook Update | Business Page Layout Redesigned

Irrespective of if you own a Facebook page or not, you must have noticed the recent edits in the lay-outing of Business pages. In addition to utilizing more screen space, the pages now seem ‘cleaner’ with…

August 10, 2016
LinkedIn in it's biggest deal for 26 billion USD

Microsoft acquires LinkedIn to target Businesses

​After fumbling into the consumer market with Nokia acquisition and mobile inclusion, Microsoft is going back to it’s tried and tested strategy. In the 90s, Microsoft was the path breaker in innovating and selling professional software…

June 16, 2016

Zuckerberg introduces 360 degree pictures for Facebook

After 360 degree videos, Facebook CEO yesterday introduced a new feature to post 360 degree photos to the ever popular social networking site. To create these, you can simply click a panorama to record all 360…

June 10, 2016
Quora Starts Advertising! Good or bad?

Quora Starts Advertising! Good or bad?

The largest community of question posers and question solvers, Quora recently launched their ads, quiet subtly we might ad (Pun Intended)! Still in its beta stage, introducing the ad option must have been an absolute struggle…

May 18, 2016
Read about the Role of feathering in Photoshop

Role of feathering in Photoshop

Feathering is a term that refers to “soft edges” in Photoshop. It helps blend the images by creating a soft edge exactly around the respective selection. It further helps in highlighting an object along with helping…

May 11, 2016
What are Facebook Canvas Ads

What are Facebook Canvas Ads?

Canvas Ads are a recently introduced ad experience for Facebook users. Previous to this new technique, when a person used to click on an ad in their News Feed, they were directed to mobile websites that…

April 19, 2016
Basics of Facebook Live

Basics of Facebook Live

Facebook Live allows a person to stream live videos and share it with the other users. Competing with other major live streaming features of rival applications, Facebook started this live streaming option in August 2015 for…

April 12, 2016