What is flat lay?

A flat lay is a picture taken of a set of objects on a flat surface. The picture is usually taken from the top, or from a slight angle, achieving a bird’s eye view of the…

July 3, 2019
Tips to get the perfect frame in a fashion photoshoot

Tips to get the perfect frame in a fashion photoshoot

Fashion photography is a tad different from other types of commercial photography. To get the perfect frame, the primary task is to choose a subject, then the background, and then the technicalities. How will you magnify…

November 27, 2018
How to get the perfect composition for your photograph

How to get the perfect composition in your photographs

To get the perfect picture, the first rule of thumb is to get the perfect composition. Composition just means how the many different elements you see from your camera are placed in the frame. Most photographers…

September 20, 2018
What is shutter speed in photography

What is shutter speed in photography?

Shutter speed is the amount of time your camera shutter remains open to capture an image. The photography, the shutter speed is vital because it determines the amount of light falling on your camera lens. The…

June 4, 2018

What’s the grid-style picture in Instagram?

You may have seen brands, influencers, and pro Instagrammers upload one picture that is broken up into squares. So what is this exactly? The grid style picture can be created using one of the apps on…

April 16, 2018

Can contrasting fonts enhance your graphics?

Fonts and typography have become significantly important as graphic designing forms an integral part of the marketing and advertising world. It takes a keen eye to understand which font looks good when paired with another and…

March 12, 2018
DIY product photography on a budget with these quick tips

DIY product photography on a budget with these quick tips

DIY product photography, if done the right way, can save money and have the same impact as professional photography. First of all, you need a right background. White or a light-colored background is preferable. Create a…

February 6, 2018
Is product photography necessary for a brand?

Is product photography necessary for a brand?

For brands that rely heavily on marketing their products online, product photography is something they must invest in. This is the first glimpse of the products for the customers. Product photography does not mean taking pictures…

January 16, 2018
What is the Sunny 16 rule

What is the Sunny 16 rule?

The Sunny 16 Rule is a way to ensure correct exposure during daylight without using camera’s meter. On a sunny day set aperture to f/16 and shutter speed to the reciprocal of the ISO for a…

June 5, 2017
What does Contrast really do

What does Contrast really do?

Literally meaning “difference”, contrast in photography essentially means difference between light and dark tones. Divided into two types, tonal contrast and colour contrast, mastering this technique highly depends on you adjusting to the world and seeing…

February 27, 2017
Flash Synchronization Made Easy

Flash Synchronization Made Easy!

Flash synchronization is the process with which a photographer syncs the flash of the camera with the speed of the shutter located in front of the electronic sensor. Have you taken pictures where the flash and…

November 12, 2016
Temperature Matters! Know more about Warm & Cool Colors

Warm Colors vs Cool Colors

Warm Colors are the ones that remind you of heat and warmth, like reds, yellows, oranges, etc. These colors tend to feel cozier, friendlier, and more cheerful. You can introduce more warm tones to a picture…

February 10, 2016