Is content enough for an engaging presentation

Is content enough for an engaging presentation? ​

May 5, 2017

When it comes to preparing a Corporate Presentation, people often feel confused if one should keep it very formal or add some fun bit to make it look appealing. However, the answer to this question completely depends upon the subject. One thing is for sure whether the presentation is formal, informal or a mix of both, the look and feel of the presentation plays a very important part as the main purpose is to convey as much information to the audience in an attractive manner.

In order to make it possible, there are several tools which come handy. Following are some of the pointers which would help to improve the look and and approach of the presentation:

  • Fonts:

Fonts play a very important role in making your presentation stand out. If nothing is specified then it is advisable to stick to fort 12 and Times Roman. However if you want to highlight different aspects in your presentation then it’s a wise idea to make use of different kind of font sizes and categories.

  • Colour:

In case of a formal presentation, the standard colours used are generally black, blue and red, however just too add special dimensions and pin point important information there is no harm in making use of different colours, provided they are not too bright and striking. You can also stick to your brand colours to establish a stronger connect.

  • Bullet points:

Bullet points help in improving the understanding because no one wants to read paragraphs in a presentation. They are a great way to put anything in points. There are a variety of bullet points which are available which can be used in many different ways. In addition, using bullets helps divide the content beautifully.

  • Background:

If you want to add a paper mark or a logo of the company as a background then this makes the presentation more personalised. However one must make sure that if the presentation is of a generalised nature then its best to keep it free from a background image. A cleaner background helps in highlighting the Slide Content.

  • Images:

By adding images, the presentation looks more understandable and adds body to the data. However make sure that the images which are used are relevant to the overall presentation and also to the particular slide.

  • Template:

If the company has already given you a predefined template then its best to stick with it, otherwise you can make use of already existing templates or make your own. If you are looking for some more informal then you have the freedom to use whatever comes to your mind without worrying about any template

The above few tools are one of the most common tools to make your presentation more presentable and foster easy understanding. There are many such tools which are available which helps in improving the look and feel of your presentation which indeed is a a very vital role of any presentation.